Course Registrations for Fall Semester are now open (specific course details are below).

Apprentices can register for the next class in their apprenticeship at this time. PD Registration’s Telephone Number is 801-957-5200 option 1, if they would like to call.

The Semester dates are 08/25/2020 through 12/10/2020.


We have clearance to hold in-person labs and classes Fall Semester, but there are restrictions/requirements that both instructors and students must follow.

Everyone must maintain 6’ social distance unless safety dictates otherwise.

Any indoor course work and labs, or anytime it is not possible to maintain 6’ social distance, will require both Students and Instructors to wear face covers or masks. .

It’s easiest to just consider a mask part of normal daily attire and PPE, like wearing long sleeve shirts and boots.

Fall 2020 Course Registration


Jodi Lundberg    (435) 881-7373