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Before any apprentice will be allowed to take an I.P.S.A. Step Test, the following paperwork must be turned in for review and approval.  Paperwork is due 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE APPRENTICE MEETING, which is generally one day prior to the test date.  All paperwork must be sent electronically, via email, or fax.   Email to:  or fax to 435-753-0169.


             1. A signed letter, on Company letterhead, from the Employer requesting permission to test.


             2. A copy of the Apprentices Office of Apprenticeship Agreement. (BAT)


             3. An electronic copy of this year’s monthly OJT hour log sheets.  (ie: if you are taking 2nd year step test the

                committee only needs copies of your second yr OJT hours.)   Each monthly sheet must be signed by

                supervisor. (typed is permitted)


            4. A copy of all paperwork verifying the apprentice has completed their 144 hours, per step year, of related training,

                with totals. (this can be part of the OJT hours tracking sheets in the appropriate box)


            5. A SUMMARY sheet for all years of apprenticeship, with totals and percentages of required hours.

               (Last sheet of OJT Log)



Additional Requirements for those taking JOURNEY Test


Journey applicants must have a total of 7800 hrs and 85% or more hours in each category of the required OJT hours, in order to submit paperwork to test.   All journey applicants must provide a physical copy of all years of OTJ hours, related training hours and coinciding summary sheet, along with copies of the above listed information.  Please secure in a flat style report folder and bring with you to your interview.  This folder will go in your IPSA permanent file.  (You only need to email 4th yr paperwork as stated above). 


Paperwork Required for Challenge Test

             1. A signed letter, on Company letterhead, from the Employer requesting permission to challenge test.

             2. A copy of the Apprentices- Office of Apprenticeship (BAT) Agreement.

             3. A copy of the OJT summary sheet showing allocation of grandfathered hours.


Failure to meet these requirements by any Representative Employer will result in their apprentice not being able to test! (Remember, it is the Employers responsibility to have the required paperwork emailed to Jodi 10 days prior to the Apprenticeship Committee Mtg!)

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